Look Mom ……No Smell!

Look Mom ……No Smell!

I have always cared for the environment and when I opened my own salon I wanted to make it as non-toxic as I possibly could. Being with Aveda for a long time when it was owned by Horst Rechelbacher, (before Estée Lauder got a hold of it) it was easy to do.

Starting out as a hairdresser in the 80’s all we did was perms perms and more perms. High volume ammonia haircolor  and bleach. It was as toxic for us as it was the clients. I remember my hands being fried from the chemicals every day (even the shampoos). I remember the smell in the salon that never went away. And not to forget, in those days everyone smoked in the salon as well!

I still do a perm or 2 maybe twice a year, (because I am really good at it!) But I get the client to come at the end of the day and I open all the doors , and have all the fans going!

Those were the good old days! And I am so happy we have evolved since then! Now we use non ammonia permanent hair colour.
Imagine a haircolor or lightner that doesn’t smell! And maintains the integrity of the hair! We no longer call them Hair Dyes (dies). Our hair care products have no Laurel sulfates, parabins and are cruelty free. Yeah finally!

We have tried to recycle as much as we could in our salon, but there were still certain things our local recyclers would not take. So we have recently partnered with a Canadian company called Green Circle Salons. One of their mandates is to “prove the value in sourcing locally and increasing efficiency, while redirecting, recycling, and repurposing materials once destined for landfill.”
We have now reduced our waste in the salon from about 30% down to 5%! Pretty impressive…..to us anyway.

I just recently attended a 2 1/2 day conference in Vancouver called EXCELerate 2015  With the main focus being to foster and support the economic empowerment of women. It was an amazing conference unlike any I had been too. You could say it was life changing for me. One of the highlights for me was being able to see and hear one of their guest speakers David Suzuki!

I grew up as many of us have watching “The Nature of Things”. So to actually see him in person got me a little choked up as it did with the many women around me. He had so many funny stories and such a wicked sense of humour I truly could have listened to him all day.

“What’s more important than the right to breathe fresh air, drink clean water and eat healthy food?”
– David Suzuki

Liz Adams
Owner, Lavish Salon