Save our Oceans with KM!

Save our Oceans with KM!

At Lavish we remain committed to a sustainable future for our planet with every choice we make. We are thrilled to use, and carry, Kevin Murphy salon products that offer professional quality results with a sustainable and non-toxic focus. 

Kevin Murphy has just launched their O.W.P initiative and we couldn’t be happier! O.W.P stands for Ocean Waste Plastic. In line with their #KNNeedForChange initiative, they have become the first beauty brand to offer packaging made from 100% plastic collected and repurposed from our oceans. 

How does it work?

  1. Plastic is collected from the Philippine Sea, Caribbean Sea and Indian Ocean.
  2. The collected plastics are washed, separated, shredded, granulated and injected/blown into new packaging by Pack Tech, a leading innovator in professional packaging (Indonesia, China and the US).
  3. Sent straight to a salon near you!

You might be wondering…

Q: Is the OWP Packaging still recyclable?

A: Yes! Kevin Murphy’s new O.W.P packaging is 100% recyclable. 

Q: Won’t this packaging just end up back in the ocean?

A: Kevin Murphy states that they believe “every great movement starts with one small step!” and while they can’t control what people do once they purchase the new bottles, they can do their best to educate consumers on the importance of proper disposal.  

Q: What kind of impact do I make when I purchase a Kevin Murphy product vs a traditional virgin resin plastic brand?

A: For every package that is made from O.W.P instead of virgin plastic, it is like removing 3 plastic bags from the ocean!

Here at Lavish we are proud to support Kevin Murphy and his vision for a brighter and cleaner future! Come visit today for a look at the new O.W.P Kevin Murphy products.